• Four99

    Is a specialised online shop that links people to products they love.

    Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: advertising is too expensive for most businesses and the ROI is not always certain.

    As Kenyans, we have lost jobs several times, with a changing work climate, the aim still remains to do what you love and earn some income. The cost of joblessness to many Kenyans is not measurable, lives being lost, wealth being depeleted and the only hope is to borrow more. It should not be hard to find work, and it is a right for everyone to have a decent living. Looking to the changes in work and connecting that to what we do everyday with the brands we love, we sell them to people around us.

    We started Four99 to create an alternative, sell what you love and get paid for it, in return the business we love sell more and we as individuals earn more. By circumventing traditional channels, selling through the crowd, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide better ROI for businesses, better-livelihood for individuals and closer interaction to brands they like. Business should be about creating communities. It should leave your customers happy and feeling-good, with money in their pockets and growth for your Business. We also believe that everyone has the right to live well.

  • Sell What you Believe in.

    We are always selling Products and Services we love to use, Four99 now pays you to so just that.

  • Crowd Selling.

    A Tough economy means advertising is costly, with an undetermined ROI. Crowd Selling gives you a way to set sales targets and pay commissions for sales to ordinary people, who will spread the Gospel of your Products/Services.

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